To be “Emergent” is to be in the process of coming into being & to me body confidence & movement are always evolving and becoming.  

I believe that when we take a more enjoyable & sustainable approach to movement, we find acceptance & more appreciation for our moving bodies.

My goal is to help you find the joy in moving your body NOW! I want to help you FEEL GOOD (strong, mobile, flexible, capable, confident, relaxed) so that you can live life with acceptance & ease. Enjoy my FREE online Yoga & Movement Mini Series by clicking Enroll below.  

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Kristy Pisani

"Helping you feel better in your body now!"

It is my extreme passion to help people feel good; strong, mobile, flexible, pain-free, capable & confident using yoga inspired practices & other diverse movement modalities.

To me approaching movement in a more enjoyable way helps us to stay consistently moving for the long term; therefore contributing to our health & well-being in many positive ways.

I also believe that moving our bodies regularly can help improve the physical quality of our lives so that we can continue to do things that make us happy & with as little discomfort as possible. 


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Buy Once.

Practice Forever.


Online Class Bundles

Class bundles featuring a variety of styles of movement, such as yoga, mobility, strength training, functional movement, HIIT and more. 


Each bundle includes 5 classes with one common theme and each class builds on the next. 


The benefit of purchasing a bundle is that you have access to the classes forever and can repeat the classes a number of times.


This gives you a chance to feel yourself get stronger and to really learn the style/theme/movement. Plus buying class bundles saves you money!


Joyful Movement Course

 Fall in love with moving your amazing, capable, wonderful body. As. It. Is. Today.

Joyful Movement + Body Acceptance go hand-in-hand. Learn how to embody both. 


It’s not enough to know the importance of healthy body image and body acceptance. You need to learn how to believe and embody it in your daily life. 


How To Move For Joy is a 5-week course that teaches you HOW exactly to build a good relationship with your body through joyful movement. 


If you have ever exercised to “make up” for what you have eaten, felt guilty for missing a workout, exercised out of fear, exercised through illness or injury or as a desperate attempt to change your body. Then How To Move For Joy is for you. 


Local Classes + Workshops


Joyful Movement With Like-Minded Folks

Embrace your body and movement in local classes and workshops across Southern Ontario. 

Articles about Movement, Mindfulness & Healthy Body Image

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