To be “Emergent” is to be in the process of coming into being & to me yoga & Movement are always evolving and becoming.  

I believe that when we take a more enjoyable & sustainable approach to movement, we find acceptance & more appreciation for our moving bodies.

My goal is to help you find the joy in moving your body NOW! I want to help you FEEL GOOD (inside & out) so that you can live life with acceptance & ease. Enjoy my FREE online Yoga & Movement Mini Series by clicking Enroll below.  

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Kristy Pisani

“Helping you take a more enjoyable approach to movement & exercise"

It is my extreme passion to help people feel good; strong, mobile, flexible, pain-free, capable & confident using yoga & movement.

To me approaching movement in a more enjoyable way helps us to stay consistently moving for the long term; therefore contributing to our health & well-being in many positive ways.

I also believe that yoga & moving our bodies regularly can help improve the physical quality of our lives so that we can continue to do things that make us happy & with as little discomfort as possible. 


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"Think use it, don't abuse it because if you don't use it you lose it."

Enjoy online yoga & movement class bundles for a one time purchase to keep forever such as yoga, yoga with weights, mobility, strength training, functional movement, accessible HIIT (high intensity interval training) & more!


I want you to move your body as you are right here, right now.  I want you to move & sweat for joy and in celebration of what your amazing body is capable of! For more information click below.


Online education on all things body image, movement/exercise, & on how to take a more enjoyable approach to moving your body NOW!


Check out my FREE 5-Day HOW to Move For Joy Course!


Virtual Classes & Workshops

Yoga & Joyful Movement Workshops (online & in person) across the Community including yoga & dance Studios, Yoga Teacher Trainings, gyms, Schools, and other Health and Wellness Events. 

Virtual live classes (Mindful Mobility Flow) in 4 week sessions with available replays.


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Articles about Yoga, Movement, Mindfulness and Healthy Body Image

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