To be “Emergent” is to be in the process of coming into being & to me Body Image, Yoga, Movement Science & Joyful Movement are always evolving and becoming.  

I believe that when we stop exercising as punishment & take a more enjoyable approach to movement, we find acceptance & more appreciation for our amazing vessels.

My goal is to help you find the joy in moving your body NOW! I want to help you build strength, mobility & confidence so you can continue to do the activities you love while mitigating pain & injury as much as possible. Enjoy these FREE online classes from my Online Studio on me! 


Kristy Pisani

“Helping you take a more enjoyable approach to movement & exercise"

It is my extreme passion to help people feel good; strong, mobile, 

capable & confident using yoga & diverse movement.

To me approaching movement in a more enjoyable way helps us to stay consistently moving for the long term; therefore contributing to our health & well-being in many positive ways.

And in order to keep doing the movement practices that bring us joy injury-free, it's important to prepare & cross train the body in a variety of progressive & accessible ways.  


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"Think use it, don't abuse it because if you don't use it you lose it."


Enjoy current movement classes & workouts from the comfort of your own home incorporating diverse modalities such as yoga, yoga with weights, mobility, strength training, functional movement, locomotive movement, accessible HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts & more for only $10/month unlimited (cancel at anytime).  


I want you to move your body as you are right here, right now.  I want you to move & sweat for joy and in celebration of what your amazing body is capable of!  For more information click below.


Online education on all things body image, movement/exercise, & on how to take a more enjoyable approach to moving your body NOW!


Check out my FREE 5-Day Move For Joy Course!


Yoga & diverse Joyful Movement Workshops across the Community including Yoga & Dance Studios, Yoga Teacher Trainings, Gyms, Schools, and other Health and Wellness Events. 


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