Buy Once. Practice Forever.

Online Movement Class Bundles

Class bundles featuring a variety of styles of movement, such as yoga, mobility, strength training, functional movement, HIIT and more. 


Each bundle includes 5 classes with one common theme and each class builds on the next. 


The benefit of purchasing a bundle is that you have access to the classes forever and can repeat the classes a number of times. This gives you a chance to feel yourself get stronger and to really learn the style/theme/movement. Plus buying class bundles saves you money!


This class bundle focuses on building strength and confidence while sweating in celebration of your body!


So that you can do the things you love to do for the rest of your life, easily and confidently.


These classes will leave you with more energy, strength and confidence so that you can love strength building for what it is: a means to live a better fuller life. 


You want to be able to run to catch your bus, lug groceries up flights of stairs and chase after your kids without feeling winded! Strong cardiovascular endurance is often the missing piece for yogis - you want to be able to run to your yoga class when you’re running late and make it right?! Right! 


Get your heart pumping with functional HITT Series 1 - and YES! It’s accessible to all levels and bodies!

Never Skip a Warm-Up Again 


It’s important to properly warm up your body and joints prior to any training or movement session. Yet so many people skip warming up because they don’t know what to do to warm up. 


This class bundle solves that problem. This bundle offers 5 short classes that you can use to warm up before intense exercise, as a cool down or as an active recovery day. 


Ever been in a yoga class and thought “Ugh, I came here to relax - this class is not delivering.” With this class bundle, you won’t think that. You’re going to move your body in a way that feels really fr*cken good and leaves you relaxing on cloud-9.


The Yoga + Movement Bundle incorporates slow, strong and mindful movement. These classes are a culmination of my training and experience as a yoga and mindfulness teacher - combining the best of both worlds! It’s designed to increase range motion, flexibility, subtle strength, coordination, and reduce stress!


Never skip an upper body workout because of neck tension again! 


More than ever people are dealing with neck and shoulder tension because of long hours at their desk, overuse of technology and stress! A common reaction to tension and tightness is to stretch - however building strength is often the answer. 


Upper Body Strength + Mobility is an intentional strength program that targets the effects of modern-day living. With this bundle, you will get stronger, improve your posture and reduce your neck + shoulder tension. 


 If the idea of moving mindfully is new to you, then this is the bundle for you! Learn how to move mindfully and use movement to relax. This bundle is a full-body movement series. 

Mindful Mobility combines mindfulness, yoga and mobility. Mindfulness is the way you approach what you’re doing in the moment. Mobility is the practice of moving your joints through its full range of motion, regardless of your flexibility.


If you’ve ever hauled yourself off the couch to workout because you think you “should” then this course is for you. Like me, chances are you know the shame, guilt and struggle that comes from moving your body as a form of punishment. 


… and you know that breaking the habit of moving for punishment is hard! 


The Move For Joy Challenge is designed to get you moving for JOY, without having to change anything about your body. You will feel stronger, happier and more confident in the body that you have and fall in love with moving your body! 


Learn how to take an enjoyable approach to movement, love your body as it is and improve the quality of your life with this mini course.