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5-Day Yoga + Movement Challenge 

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By the end of this challenge, you’ll feel better in your body, stronger, more mobile and more confident! 

You’ll Get: 

  • Access to 5 full yoga + movement classes. Topics include: 

    • Core Breath Movement 

    • Yoga + Mobility 

    • Yoga with Weights 

    • HITT Cardio 

    • Mindfulness For Stress Reduction 

  • Daily in-depth inspirational and teaching about each class style 

  • Access to the Emergent Movement Facebook group. This group is full of like-minded, supportive folks! 

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Mobility & Movement Prep Series 1

Embrace Your Body 

10 Daily Practices To Embrace + Love Your Body

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It's one thing to know that you should embrace your body, it's another thing to learn how to. 

This guide offers real-life practices, practical guidance and inspiration to use on your body-acceptance journey.

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How To Move For Joy

This workbook takes you through my exact process for how to track your movement practices in a way that lasts for good.

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This worksheet will shift your mindset around movement and exercises so that you finally have a long-term sustainable movement practice.

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