My Online Courses

How to Move For Joy; 


A 5-week course on how to take a more

enjoyable approach to movement & exercise & build a better relationship with your body! 

This course is designed to help you feel good on the inside & out; strong, mobile, capable & confident in the body you are in NOW using education, guidance, connection, application & diverse movement options! 


My goal is to help you fall in love with moving your amazing body as it is & for the long term!

I believe that when we take a more enjoyable & sustainable approach to movement, we find acceptance & more appreciation for our moving bodies.

My goal is to help you find the joy in moving your body NOW! I want to help you create a movement practice that you look forward to so that you can live life moving for celebration of your body & not for punishment &/or shame.  

To me approaching movement in a more enjoyable way helps us to stay consistently moving for the long term; therefore, contributing to our health & well-being in many positive ways that have nothing to do with changing our natural shapes.

I also believe that moving our bodies regularly can help improve the physical quality of our lives so that we can continue to do things that make us happy & with as little discomfort as possible.


For the next 5 weeks my goal is to help you take a more enjoyable approach to moving your body so that you move for the long-term; reaping all the benefits that movement & exercise have to offer.


Using a compassionate, varied & intuitive approach to movement & exercise, I believe that we can create more confidence, acceptance & appreciation for our incredible vessels.


Enjoy weekly live Q & A's, live Yoga Inspired Classes, community support & MORE!


I CANNOT wait to move, grow & connect with YOU! Let’s do this!

Here’s How it Works!


Every Sunday access to the new theme for the week in our online portal will be released (you will receive an email when it is ready to go)! This is so you cannot skip ahead so you can put your full attention into the information each week.


Each week includes a theme, a video lecture, a written lecture & some kind of application by way of written or hands on.


Each week also includes a different movement practice video to enjoy!


Halfway through each week I’ll be going live in our private Facebook Group to check in, connect, offer encouragement & answer any questions you might have regarding the week’s content.


Towards the end of the week I will also be going live in our private Facebook Group to teach a yoga inspired class geared toward subtle strength, mobility, flexibility, recovery & relaxation!


All videos, lectures, & content is made downloadable to keep FOREVER so you can keep returning to the information when you need the most!

Here's what you get:

  • Sign up & work alongside me & other like-minded movers for 5 weeks.

  • 5 weeks & over 6 hours of video content to keep FOREVER; yoga inspired movement; yoga with weights & cardio, yoga Inspired HIIT (high intensity interval training) mobility flows, & Functional HIIT (high intensity interval training).

  • Reflective exercises on how to take a more enjoyable approach to movement.

  • Body Image written activities.

  • Access to a private Facebook group with live Q & A's, live yoga inspired practices, & community support! 

  • Bonus materials include a guided Mindfulness relaxation, a video on

  • breath for relaxation & core stability.

  • All content is made downloadable so you can keep the information forever


This Course is for you if...

  • You want to take a more enjoyable approach to movement/exercise.

  • You are feeling bored with your movement routine & want to add more variety.

  • You want to build strength & mobility.

  • You want to build body respect, trust, confidence, acceptance & appreciation.

  • You want to create a long-lasting love affair with movement & exercise! 

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