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How to Continue Moving for Joy during a Pandemic!

Updated: Mar 22, 2021


The urge to OVER exercise for some can feel HIGH right now!

As much as it’s important to TRY to continue to move right now (especially because of all the amazing physical & mental benefits), exercise can also be a trigger for disordered behaviors to arise in an attempt to gain control of something.

I am by no means an expert on obsessive exercise, but I do have lived experience & some things that have helped me to continue to move to feel good while & dealing with the temptation to go overboard right now.

Although she specializes in more of the food side of things, here is a little bit of what Christy Harrison, Intuitive Eating & Anti-Diet Dietitian, is saying right now, “It’s okay if you’re eating differently than usual right now. Have compassion for yourself if you’re going through some ups & downs with food. It’s completely understandable & you’re not alone.”

I think we can look at movement & exercise in a similar manor, “It’s okay if you’re moving/exercising differently than usual right now. Have compassion for yourself if you’re going through some ups & downs with movement/exercise right now.”

So how can we keep exercising during this pandemic without falling back into the obsessive & punishing rabbit hole just to gain a sense of control of something?

1) Put boundaries & limits on how long you work out for & how many times a week! I allow myself to work out for no more than 1 hour 3 times a week, allowing room for other active recovery practices like yoga, walking, stretching, meditation etc.

Approach movement intuitively! Meaning every day you wake up ask yourself, “what does my body crave right now, how much energy to I have to give to my workout?”

Remember Intense workouts are stress on the body so don’t be afraid to mix things up by adding in more practices that help you calm down like a nice walk in nature or gentle/restorative yoga!

2) Make a list of other things you want to accomplish during #socialdistancing that has nothing to do with exercise & schedule it into your day!

I’ve really been taking this time to get things done that I haven’t been able to get to like organizing the inside of closets & cupboards, cleaning out my car, creating ideas for my business & even getting a head start on my taxes!

Exercise is a very important part of health & well-being but it can still be apart of our lives without it taking over our entire existence.

3) Continue to stick to a variety of workouts/movements that you enjoy & not things that you think you should be doing to burn more calories due to self-isolation!

Approaching movement & exercise in this way will enable us to move for the long-term & appreciate our amazing bodies for all the things it does for us!

And if you really don’t feel like moving right now DON’T! It’s okay to take time off! There is no right or wrong way to react to this situation. If exercise/movement feels forced right now, know that it will always be there for you when you are ready to come back to it. Self-compassion is key right now so the less stress & pressure we put on ourselves the better we can cope & manage.

Please let me know your thoughts & feelings behind this? Has the pandemic triggered old disordered exercises patterns for you?

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Lets do this together!

Sending you love & healthy vibes!

Kristy xo.

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