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New Years Resolutions? More Like New Years Revelation!

The moment I stopped moving with the purpose of wanting to “change/fix” my body was when I truly fell in love with movement.

At the height of my obsession I used to exercise for a minimum of 4-5 hours a day with the sole intention of losing weight and shrinking my body. At that time, I was working as a full-time Law Clerk in a very high stress environment. Some days I would run before work or on my lunch break, go to the gym after work and then come home and throw on a yoga or pilates DVD. All while running on minimum fuel and ignoring my bodies signals to slow down.

My body. My rules. Would you believe me if I told you that 99% of the time that I move my body I genuinely feel excited about doing it! These days I move for joy! To feel alive, connected and in celebration of what my body is capable of. Approaching movement and exercise in this way has allowed me to tune IN to my body and not OUT of my body. In the past the exercises I chose were always out of a feeling of obligation; “I must go hard so I can maintain this shape and size.” Fast forward to the present, moderate movement and exercise is something I enjoy. Something I look forward to.

The human body is meant to move regularly, and how we approach movement can make such a world of difference when it comes to accepting our bodies. Think “use it” don’t “abuse it,” Ask yourself daily, “what kind of movement would suit my energy level? Will it set me up to feel awake, alive, happy, confident and empowered?. Will it help to regulate my nervous system so that I feel balanced?”

As a Yoga/Movement Educator and Healthy Body Image Advocate of nearly 10 years my goal is get people moving in a way that feels good (strong, mobile, flexible, capable, functional, confident, fit etc.) in the body they have right here, right now. I want people to change their focus from using movement as a means of punishment to moving for pleasure and really listening to what it is their body needs in any given moment.

I’ve created an Online Yoga and Diverse Movement Studio Called “Emergent Movement,” where I share some of my favorite modalities of yoga and movement. My goal in creating this online platform is to encourage others to use the beautiful gift of yoga and diverse movement options as a tool for finding bodily acceptance and appreciation for the amazing body they are in regardless of their individual shape and size.

And why do I believe that having options are important when it comes to intuitive and joyful movement? Here are a few of some of my favorite reasons:

· Less obligation to hard all the time.

· Less boredom from doing the same thing over and over again.

· Great for the physical body; joint health, loading connective tissue and muscles.

· Good for the brain creating new pathways and building presence and mental focus.

· Mitigate repetitive strain injury.

· Building confidence and empowerment; picking practices that light you up.

· More space for playfulness and curiosity.

· A greater appreciation for your functioning body and all the different ways your body can move.

· Freedom to respond to how you feel in the moment and choosing the movements that feel fulfilling without obsession.

It is my purpose in life to get people to change their mindset regarding movement and exercise. Now that the holidays are upon us and with New Years Resolutions around the corner I am so excited to be hosting my first ever online “MOVE FOR JOY CHALLENGE!" Get in when Resolutions are hot!

I DO NOT believe in New Years Resolutions and here is why:

· They make us feel like we need immediate fixing after the Holidays.

· They automatically set us up for failure because we usually go from one extreme to another unsustainable extreme.

· 95% (minimum) of diets and over exercise plans fail after one month into our “New Year’s resolutions.”

· Too restrictive, limiting and NOT enjoyable!

During our 30-day challenge here’s what I want you to focus on instead:

· Moving for joy (whether you lose weight or not) and not for punishment for what you’ve eaten (especially over the holidays).

· Having the power to choose movements and practices that make you feel good about yourself physically, emotionally and mentally.

· Building a tool box of diverse movement options that make you smile and bring you joy and so that you don’t get bored or feel obligated.

· Building physical strength, mobility and confidence so you can do all the thing in life that bring you happiness, pain-free!

· Eating intuitively and mindfully, guilt-Free!

· Changing your focus from obsession to consistency and longevity! This is what you will receive during our 30 days together:

· Sign up for my online Yoga and Movement Studio for $10/month.

· Receive unlimited access to the studio for 30 days. (Cancel your membership at any-time).

· Gain access to a private and supportive Facebook Group sharing all things healthy body image, self-worth, yoga, joyful movement and more!

· Enjoy one live Facebook Q & A/check chat per week!

· To sign up and/or for more details click here: http://eepurl.com/dO297b

Because I am so excited about this “Move For Joy Challenge," I am gifting you some FREE diverse classes off my Online Studio for you to try before committing! Click here to access them; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGgA_D5jXWM-7gczWwN5iwQ?view_as=subscriber

Remember to enjoy the holidays guilt free! Surround yourself with people that love you for you. Choose movements and exercises according to your moment to moment energy and resist the urge to look into a new diet and exercise program with the intention to punish yourself for what you’ve eaten and drank over the holidays. These rash decisions out of guilt and shame will only make you feel worse and set you up for failure. Trust that your beautiful body knows best and will work itself out later on.

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