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"Think use it, don't abuse it because if you don't use it you lose it."


I want you to move your body as you are right here, right now.  I want you to move & sweat for joy and in celebration of what your amazing body is capable of!  

To be "Emergent" is to always be becoming & to me Yoga & Movement, are always evolving and becoming.  

Enjoy online yoga & movement/workout classes from the comfort of your own home such as yoga, yoga with weights, mobility, strength training, functional movement, accessible HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts & more for only $10/month unlimited (cancel at anytime).  

Enjoy Online Class Bundles for a one time purchase to keep forever.  Some Class Bundles are from my Online Studio & some are not. 

Not only is mixing up movement important for the mind and the body but when it comes to joyful & intuitive movement the more options we have to chose from the less obligation we feel to the do the same thing over and over again which than in turn prevents boredom & improves consistency. 

Enjoy access to a private and supportive Facebook Group & Community.

These online platforms are for you if:

* You want to take a more enjoyable approach to movement & exercise.

* You want to take a more multidisciplinary & varied approach to movement & exercise so that you can keep doing the activities that you love. 

* You want to build strength, mobility & flexibility in a progressive & sustainable way.

* You want to have a long-term relationship with movement & exercise.

* You want to find appreciation & acceptance for your amazing body.

* You want to sweat because you love your body & not for punishment.

* You want to decrease pain sensations & mitigate injury. 


DISCLAIMER: Not all movement programs are suitable for everyone.  Check with your doctor before beginning any program to avoid/reduce injury if you are unsure.  Perform these movements at your own risk.  Kristy Pisani and Emergent Movement will not be held responsible or liable for any injury sustained as a result of using movement program presented online in video format.  





Offering one on one yoga & movement  sessions in person and online, geared toward creating a personalized plan designed just for YOU & your movement needs and/or goals. 

Whether you are looking to build strength, increase mobility, flexibility, minimize pain, injury, add yoga & movement to your health and wellness plan, or figure out how to keep doing the practices you love injury-free, than this is the program for you.  

It's in our DNA to move & how we approach movement can help us to improve our body image, confidence & self-worth!  

I am here to share my over 10 years of movement knowledge & lived experience with you in a way that empowers YOU using the beautiful gift of movement.

  • FREE 30 Minute Consultation (online or phone).

  • $90.00 per session or $480.00 for 6 weeks.  


Contact me to book your FREE Consultation. I truly cannot wait to move with you!












DISCLAIMER: All information and opinions presented in each session are offered for information only and are not intended as substitutes for professional/medical advice, diagnosis and/or treatment.  Please consult with your health care provider for additional and professional help if necessary. 





Yoga &Joyful Movement Workshops across the Community including Yoga & Dance Studios, Yoga Teacher Trainings, Gyms, Schools, and other Health and Wellness Events. 


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 I talk a lot about how taking a more enjoyable approach to movement can help increase our body image, confidence, health & well-being.  I also share easy & sustainable ways that we can find the joy in moving our bodies regularly (while fitting movement into our busy schedules).  I also talk about how we can use Yoga & Diverse Movement to appreciate & accept our bodies for all they do for us on a regular basis. 


I have had the great pleasure speaking at over 20 Schools and Wellness Events all over.   

Interested in having me speak at your event?  Please feel free to head over to my "Contact" page & we can chat.  


Soma Collective Health

Join me every Monday & Wednesday for my "Mindful Mobility Flow" yoga class! 

Sign up for either Mondays or Wednesdays are both at a discounted rate!  Drop in options are available!  Click on the "Events" tab to sign up!


Online education on all things body image, movement/exercise & how to take a more enjoyable approach to moving your body now!

Check out my FREE 5-Day Move For Joy Course! Enjoy 5 days of diverse movement videos; yoga, yoga w/h weights, yoga w/h bands, HIIT Workouts & a bonus class, tips on how to move for joy, Body Image reflective exercises, access to a private Facebook group & MORE! 

Click on the "Online Courses" tab to check it out!

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